Three years ago...

I wouldn’t touch a drop of water. I was all about juice and chocolate milk—much tastier! The result? Always tired, constant headaches, and restless sleep. My coach quickly pinpointed the problem and prescribed a solution: "Three liters of water a day!" As if it were that easy.

His miracle solution? Water flavor enhancers. "Just a few drops and voilà, it’s drinkable!" he would say. I followed his advice religiously, but curiosity got the better of me: what was really in those miraculous little drops? It was quite a shock: potassium acesulfame, RED40, and a list of additives more artificial than the next, some downright harmful!

So, I created Ö Hydration: a delicious blend of electrolytes, antioxidants, and 100% natural fruity flavors, all sugar-free. Today, I can’t live without it, and I would never sell a product I don’t use myself.

So, ready to drink water with a smile?

Cassandra, Founder of Ö